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The book has a clearly defined argumentative thread assisted by an effort to tướng cross-reference between chapters where possible.

The five different symbols may be used to tướng cross-reference the panels.

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My archaeological tendency to tướng use the comparable features of objects to tướng cross-reference their dates seemed to tướng have got bu somewhere.

Exhaustive conditionals are dealt with twice, as though there were two quite separate constructions here - there isn't even a cross-reference between the two sections concerned.

A cross-reference to tướng chapter 5 would have helped.

These make the book much more user-friendly, easy to tướng use and to tướng cross-reference.

However, it is not possible to tướng explore multiple branches of the hierarchy or cross-reference between branches.

The immediate dramatic impact being clear, what requires justification is the critical need to tướng consider it a cross-reference at all.

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Several major opportunities to tướng cross-reference information were squandered during the production of this encyclopaedia and that means its value as a research tool is limited.

The quality, extent of coverage, the method of presentation, and cross-reference to tướng other chapters in the book by most authors are very good.

All these cases of textual cross-reference and patterns of combination are matched in the music.

Occasionally, a chance to tướng make a cross-reference to tướng another paper in the volume was missed, but otherwise the book is very well edited.

Particularly with such an interdisciplinary subject the ability of the reader to tướng easily cross-reference between papers has been lost as a result of this omission.

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Terms listed in this glossary are printed in bold in the main text, allowing easy cross-reference.

The natural relationships in documents are either (i) substructures, or (ii) references to tướng other parts of the document (where the term reference here means simply a cross-reference in a document).

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