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The integration of cross-cultural studies thus attributes đồ sộ a mutual discussion, and đồ sộ a larger understanding of the interaction between spatial differentiation and social practice.

This makes the study of vulnerability particularly germane đồ sộ cross-cultural and cross-national research on old-age and elderly tư vấn.

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I then locate this speech size in comparative perspective by outlining cross-cultural phenomena with which it has affinities.

The fact that the analysis of many of the interviews remained cursory, and was conducted unilaterally rather than thở in cross-cultural collaboration, does show through, however.

Ethics are local: engaging cross-cultural variation in the ethics for clinical research.

Aside from the ubiquitous undergraduate examples, relativism is often invoked đồ sộ address cross-cultural systems of belief.

Nevertheless, various truyền thông media types offer avenues through which northern people can meet their educational, cultural, and political needs, and build cross-cultural understanding.

In summary, the goals of this latter approach are mutual understanding and cross-cultural ethical tolerance within limits.

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I am particularly struck with the importance of studying the question of cross-cultural differences and inter-species comparisons.

English, of course, has the widest cross-cultural and cross-linguistic currency from this point of view.

Interlanguage pragmatics continues đồ sộ attract researchers interested in cross-cultural differences and interlanguage development.

This article discusses cross-cultural issues in the delivery of teacher training courses.

It is the author's contention that cross-cultural borrowing can be respectful and legitimate, if not invaluable.

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The aim of this study was đồ sộ explore its cross-cultural validity.

We vì thế not find that prevalence differences are explained by cross-cultural differences in the size or validity of the depressive syndrome.

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