crash course là gì

This chapter is particularly helpful vĩ đại individuals who are looking for a crash course in delivering this treatment.

These institutions, which had been 'established in a state of fever' in 1927, were supposed vĩ đại give criminal tribesmen a crash course in modern and honest money management.

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I vì thế not consider it necessary vĩ đại introduce a crash course of training for nursing staff wishing vĩ đại work in renal dialysis centres.

It is possible vĩ đại take a crash course—it is an unfortunate term in relation vĩ đại driving—of lessons vĩ đại qualify vĩ đại drive.

Who is vĩ đại instruct those newcomers vĩ đại the service, presumably by means of a crash course in view of the time factor?

They should go and take a crash course in the economy and then come back and debate it.

Those who are already qualified will need vĩ đại attend a crash course vĩ đại top up their training.

This is in fact a crash course which no one can withstand.

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It is difficult vĩ đại give a child of 15 or 16 a crash course in literacy and numeracy.

The prison building programme is impressive, but we need a crash course vĩ đại build more prisons.

It really is something of a crash course in obfuscation and in covering one's bets.

If he feels in need of it, he should without delay arrange vĩ đại take a crash course in elementary logic.

I myself had vĩ đại vì thế a crash course vĩ đại understand some of the language.

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Traditional energy policy is on a crash course.

One could say that it has been a good crash course in depth in adult education.

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