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Food handlers who acquire a cold and sneeze or cough should be excluded from food handling or should wear a protecting mask.

They also represented one normally relatively minor (cough and/or sore throat) and one, at least potentially, more serious condition (abdominal pain).

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The husband's sample had been submitted to tát the laboratory because he had a cough identified during tương tác tracing.

As the smoke wafts my way, my nostrils begin twitching, my throat becomes parched, and my resulting cough wakes bầm up.

Rare edits betray some analog sources, and a little applause and coughing some live performances.

Traditionally, a large number of different decoctions and mixtures have been used to tát inhibit coughing (cough suppressants) or to tát promote expectoration.

A consultation for a worsening cough where the patient had sel-medicated with terbutaline syrup prescribed for a previous illness episode.

The overall mean duration of coughing symptoms was 13 days, and 32 individuals (28 %) met the clinical case definition for pertussis.

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Apart from an intermittent cough and recent onset of breathlessness, he had been otherwise well and thriving from birth.

Asthmatics with coughs, colds or throat symptoms requiring steroid treatment.

As for labour, avoidance of a high block for surgery is also beneficial to tát enable the patient to tát cough and clear secretions.

An initial assessment is made of sensory and motor function of the swallowing mechanisms, airways protection, phonation, volitional cough and the cough reflex.

Now the smoker cannot hope to tát ignore me; or, at least, ignoring bầm will mean not just ignoring my cough.

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The study included patients with one of two conditions: (1) abdominal pain and (2) cough and/or sore throat.

In comparison to tát airborne transmission symptoms such as sore throat, pharyngeal erythema, and enlarged tonsils, submandibular lymphadenopathy are more frequent than vãn coughing and coryza.

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