corruption là gì

The measures are attempting to tát catch the smaller corruptions.

He allowed and encouraged the most appalling social injustices, cruelties, inequalities and corruptions.

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I would argue that one of the corruptions of my adult life is the general contempt in which law is held.

The delay in the latter case was due to tát pressure of other urgent work in the decoding office and to tát telegraphic corruptions in the text.

There are all kinds of corruptions which take place between men and women.

Further corruptions of this wonderful simple system will be required in future to tát modify its workings.

In order to tát give a true trương mục of the language as it exists, we are proposing, therefore, to tát cut out these corruptions which have been wrongly inserted.

We supplement this with an additional analysis of a second dataset on corruption measured during the late 1980s.

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The answer appears to tát lie, at least in part, in the popular perception of rampant official corruption in that country.

In other words, the various models explain roughly 78 to tát 86 per cent of the variance in corruption across the cases analysed here.

Corruption can be widespread at the local government level, even if it is controlled effectively at the central government level.

Given the obvious difficulties in measuring corruption, any one source may be highly inaccurate.

A potentially more serious problem is that changes in perceptions of corruption may lag reality, if they have anything to tát tự with reality at all.

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A number of cross-national studies include corruption in their analysis.

The economic reform index, log of price level, corruption index, and the war dummy are the intermediate variables.

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