convenient nghĩa là gì

Both students and practitioners need to tát have a convenient means of pursuing other areas of enquiry.

At this point it will be convenient to tát introduce some abbreviations to tát save space in diagrams.

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There are other variants, that are even more convenient.

The exclusive use of output delayed functions seems to tát be a convenient way to tát avoid these specially defined operators.

Since our language is typed, it is more convenient to tát define the equivalence in terms of type-indexed families of relations.

In this way, complex reasoning can be represented succinctly, enabling convenient tìm kiếm and retrieval of relevant information.

In some situations it is more convenient to tát approximate the obstacle by an ellipsis instead of a circle.

If the identified control was not at trang chính at the time of the đường dây nóng, a mutually convenient time was arranged to tát conduct the interview.

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Art of government, on the other hand, is the right disposition of things, arranged so sánh as to tát lead to tát a convenient over.

The scheduling of the post-intervention questionnaire had to tát be arranged at a time which was convenient to tát the schools.

A convenient testing time with the child and a caregiver was arranged.

For partial and complete adherers, making changes to tát the diet was preferable, easier, more affordable and more convenient than vãn increasing physical activity.

That is, when all the data are in and all the mechanisms are known, they drop out of the scientific picture as mere convenient fictions.

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Note that the qualitative relation may be redundant, but it is convenient, for many practical purposes, to tát render it explicit.

The concept of an argumentative structure, with the two notions of argument and acceptability, are a convenient framework for developing practical reasoning tools.

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