confrontation là gì

The order of appearance was done by age, from youngest to tướng oldest, to tướng quelch further confrontations between them.

In some cases confrontations between security forces and coca growers or distributors have resulted in injuries and fatalities, raising human rights concerns.

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The government's reaction to tướng confrontations was seen to tướng be one-sided and heavy-handed in favour of unionists.

The programme featured all of the week's political happenings and confrontations.

The less positive reviews claimed that the film lacks a direct confrontation with its issues or criticism.

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He confronts her at the prom and has a dance with her on his last night before leaving.

The office confronts the headmistress, but she claims that the girls ran away.

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In addition to tướng enemy guards, the player will also be confronted by mercenaries who will challenge the player to tướng combat, serving as the quấn characters.

There is a huge risk for officers confronting a man seated in his vehicle on a routine traffic stop.

She hesitates about confronting him and instead remains in the middle of the street where she is hit by a pickup truck.