confetti là gì

Could he not have issued one press release to lớn match the confetti of press releases that he is now issuing on the subject?

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She has been promised them lượt thích confetti at a wedding.

It has been throwing permits around lượt thích confetti.

In the over they were coming out lượt thích confetti.

As a result, departing tourists are liable to lớn be pelted with confetti.

We must remember the public, on whom these arbitrary decisions may rain down lượt thích confetti.

Smaller companies which are struggling to lớn carry on in these difficult days see money scattered around lượt thích confetti to lớn companies that bởi not need it.

I believe that he called it the "confetti industry".

People start to lớn spread such notices around lượt thích confetti in order to lớn improve their wages.

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Injunctions against the truyền thông have been thrown about lượt thích confetti in the hands of an excitable wedding guest.

In this report they seem to lớn have been signed lượt thích confetti; all around are signing public interest immunity certificates.

On the contrary, it becomes all the more important to lớn avoid giving each other meaningless confetti money increases.

Increases of that kind are worth having; they are real increases, not confetti money.

The implication that they will go around scattering them lượt thích confetti represented a deeply disappointing attitude toward local authorities.

Showering taxpayers' money lượt thích confetti without a recognition of where true need exists is not a service to lớn the elderly.

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