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By comparing different conceptualizations of the relationship between people and land we can get a better understanding of our own categories of nature and landscape.

The relationship with the caregiver is considered to tướng have the greatest chance of affecting these conceptualizations.

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The new millennium provides us with the opportunity to tướng take stock of how our conceptualizations about mental disorders in children have evolved throughout history.

If ví, are the distinct configurations of family systems conceptualizations developmentally meaningful?

However, it is also because of changing conceptualizations of kinship and because demographic change demonstrably reduced the number of identifiable kin.

The primary aim of this paper is to tướng analyze their conceptualizations of trang chủ and the intertwining of their various migration patterns.

An advance in techniques and in conceptualizations of a high order will have to tướng take place first.

They sometimes invoke conceptualizations, key terms, or buzz words derived from one or other of these fields.

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The other is the conceptualizations of environmental change once habitable environments had been created.

An important distinction among the conceptualizations of working memory is in how short-term storage is implemented and how it is related to tướng long-term memory.

They also discuss how to tướng exploit these conceptualizations to tướng achieve the function of a presentation.

Of what use could these conceptualizations be to tướng the philosopher or neophyte mystic if they have no ontological weight ?

In recent decades, a common distinction has arisen between two broad conceptualizations of knowledge.

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Inasmuch as a multifactorially determined state of vulnerability is common to tướng most conceptualizations, this approach to tướng understanding frailty has a certain nội dung validity.

Still, the dominant use of foreign languages and conceptualizations contributes to tướng separating them from their cultural heritage.

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