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Ý nghĩa của elephant vô giờ Anh

Ví dụ vô văn học tập
  • A baby elephant gets milk from its mother. 
  • Although motor transportation is often used today, elephants are still an important way đồ sộ travel. 
  • And an elephant is inside its mother for 22 months. 
  • But a female elephant stays with her mother. 
  • Do you think zoo keepers feed elephants and play with monkeys all the time? 
  • During adolescence, a male elephant leaves its mother and goes with a group of other young males. 
  • Now, some people have started green tourist projects that keep elephants safe and give them good living conditions. 
  • Thailand is also famous for another unusual type of transportation: elephants! 
  • That cloud in the sky looks lượt thích an elephant! 
  • That night the elephant was warm and happy. 
  • A train of elephants could have crossed it in safety and comfort. 
  • Bunny and Sue saw the elephants, the camels, the lions, and the tigers. 
  • It is perhaps the largest of land animals, with the exception of the elephant. 
  • Sometimes the elephants are not used đồ sộ hunting tigers, and when they see the savage beasts they turn and run rẩy. 
  • The elephant when tamed is an animal most gentle and most easily led đồ sộ bởi whatever he is directed. 

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Các ví dụ của elephant


Even worse : on the ground there has hardly been any implication for borders, other kêu ca the release of elephants and other wildlife.

In conclusion, this species appears đồ sộ be promoted by elephants, but can thrive without them.

In conclusion, the species can regenerate without elephants, but may have in the past been dispersed mostly by elephants.

Conversely, when graze is limited there will be higher utilization of acacias by elephants but also fires of low intensity.

Utilizing the nutritional needs of elephants, two low-cost strategies could be used đồ sộ reduce crop-raiding behaviour.

Since other herbivores determine đồ sộ a large extent the availability of grasses, they are likely đồ sộ influence the decision of elephants đồ sộ feed on browse.

The majority of the elephants using the park disperse during the wet season into surrounding areas đồ sộ forage.

The damage elephants cause đồ sộ the vegetation cover therefore has an indirect effect on other ungulate populations, which has considerable implications for management authorities.

Experiments were monitored every 2-7 d when fruits were palatable đồ sộ elephants and every 2-4 wk when the flesh had rotted.

Using this annual growth rate, we can estimate that in 1971 there were 1200 elephants.

Essentially all marked fruits would have been available given that elephants ate fruits well before other fates occurred.

At the top left are depictions of two elephants.

Below the elephants is a giraffe with a typically exaggerated neck.

However, the elephants were not a great success and the role of the buffaloes was a limited one.

Significant costs from living with elephants and other types of wildlife are demonstrated.

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Các cụm kể từ với elephant

Các kể từ thông thường được dùng cùng theo với elephant.

Bấm vào một trong những cụm kể từ nhằm coi tăng những ví dụ của cụm kể từ bại.

baby elephant

I was christened in those days "the baby elephant", the one who had a lot of guts and go but not much skill!

elephant dung

For germination trials, seeds were collected from fresh elephant dung (passed) and fresh fruits (unpassed) and planted in seedling cups filled with soil.

elephant grass

During the first and second seasons of 1997, stem tunnelling was significantly higher and cob weight significantly lower for maize without elephant grass (table 3).

Những ví dụ này kể từ Cambridge English Corpus và kể từ những mối cung cấp bên trên trang web. Tất cả những chủ ý trong số ví dụ ko thể hiện tại chủ ý của những chỉnh sửa viên Cambridge Dictionary hoặc của Cambridge University Press hoặc của những người cho phép.

Bản dịch của elephant

vô giờ Trung Quốc (Phồn thể)


vô giờ Trung Quốc (Giản thể)


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vô giờ Tây Ban Nha

elefante, elefante [masculine]…

vô giờ Bồ Đào Nha

elefante, elefante/-ta [masculine-feminine]…

vô giờ Việt

con cái voi…

trong những ngữ điệu khác

vô giờ Nhật

vô giờ Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ

vô giờ Pháp

vô giờ Catalan

in Dutch

vô giờ Ả Rập

vô giờ Séc

vô giờ Đan Mạch

vô giờ Indonesia

vô giờ Thái

vô giờ Ba Lan

vô giờ Malay

vô giờ Đức

vô giờ Na Uy

vô giờ Hàn Quốc

in Ukrainian

vô giờ Ý

vô giờ Nga

éléphant [masculine], éléphant…

elefant [masculine], elefant…

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