computer nghĩa là gì

Most of the companys events were about the management of computer based systems for improved business efficiency.

A computer facility showed photographs and there was also a section of books on mining.

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There are computers in the facility, and the staff offers classes on computer use.

Computers, cell phones and other electronic gadgets are strictly forbidden in jail.

It is when this interaction is possible that the network can become the computer.

Quantum computing could use light to tướng encode and store information.

Practical limitations of computing power, ethics and participant recruitment and payment also limit the scope of a social network analysis.

He has contributed to tướng popular computing, photography, business, management and general science publications.

These high-speed data-transport technologies are used in high-performance computing facilities, in research and various industries.

The building features classrooms, computer labs and computing commons outfitted with approximately 300 computer workstations and an extensive technology infrastructure.

Gaseous volumes computed by the ideal gas law tend to tướng be too large at high pressures characteristic of explosions.

This observation can be used to tướng compute the area of an arbitrary ellipse from the area of a unit circle.

Vase computed 996 liter, which is slightly too great, because based on external dimensions.

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Some fingerprinting algorithms allow the fingerprint of a composite tệp tin to tướng be computed from the fingerprints of its constituent parts.

By comparing the known luminosity of the latter to tướng its observed brightness, the distance to tướng the object can be computed using the inverse square law.

Electrical elements such as inductors and capacitors used in electrical analog computers had to tướng be carefully manufactured to tướng reduce non-ideal effects.

An analog computer from 1950.

It is a hand-operated analog computer for doing multiplication and division.

This information was sent to tướng an analog computer which calculated the trajectory and any necessary correction to tướng hit the target.

This started with the use of various mechanical sida, but these were eventually replaced by the fruit machine, an electromechanical analog computer of some complexity.

Everything important is included on the camera itself, and after giving it your wireless credentials, it's off, functioning as a completely separate unit with no host computer required.

A major advantage to tướng this approach is that the data can be sent over common communications channels instead of relying on an 8-bit clean links to tướng the host computer.

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The original port design was send-only, allowing "data" to tướng be sent from the host computer to tướng the printer.

The control surface connects to tướng the host computer via many different interfaces.

These bogus antivirus apps look convincingly real and once enabled look lượt thích they are really scanning the host computer when in truth it is infecting it at the very core.