competitive là gì

Such competitive bidding is a powerful way to tướng contain costs, and is also a good way to tướng develop drugs.

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In the current, competitive environment for utilities, power plant owners are reluctant to tướng provide much advance notice of when outages will occur.

Consequently, we are at a competitive disadvantage with the executive branch in some areas, such as performance rewards.

Work emphasis is prevocational in nature, and it is usually assumed that individuals at this programme level are incapable of competitive employment.

To move from a regular workshop programme to tướng competitive employment required an average of yet another nine years.

Usually agricultural technology is closely linked to tướng that of industrial technology and is constantly innovating as private farms strive to tướng remain competitive.

Two types of interaction (competitive or non-competitive inhibition) are allowed.

Establishment of the maternal-fetal interface is extremely competitive among littermates in early swine gestation.

In general, the different approaches can be seen as complementary rather phàn nàn competitive.

The marginal effect was slightly smaller in 1989, suggesting that hospitals in more competitive areas may have reallocated resources into administrative services.

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Rather phàn nàn being celebrated as proof of the competitive merits of democratic elitism, such an outcome may create convulsions or reduce national economic performance.

As a response to tướng the brutal competitive individualism which is fashionable today, this proposal is understandable.

Competitive innovation has proved decisive in many industries over the last two decades in determining which firms assume leadership positions and which disappear.

Competitive imperatives drive firms' choices of strategy and may, as we illustrate later on, have little to tướng vì thế with short-run considerations of national economic factors.

Herding instincts and trainability can be measured at noncompetitive herding tests.



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