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They were without formal dramatic training, and were fantastic jugglers and stilt-walkers and good comedians; and they were very popular.

This trương mục highlights another important point: lượt thích actors and comedians, punk performers would warm up, both physically and mentally, before the show.

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For comedians with such obvious antiestablishment (if not explicitly left-wing) leanings and anti-militaristic sympathies, these were potentially dangerous times.

There were also circuses with comedians and entertainers for the children.

But he doesn't ask who the comedian was or say anything about the film.

The audience and the comedians join in laughter about the inadequacies or simplicity of the stage machinery.

In between the actual routines much of the dialogue is taken from interviews with or comments from the comedian.

In the early years, opera and concert singers were the largest category, followed by actors and comedians.

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Clearly, comedians build their reputations on much more kêu ca this, not least their performance ability.

Its economic importance controlled the professional calendar of the comedians during the year.

Both men were chagrined to lớn discover that they had been called to lớn serve with the troupe of comedians.

Rather kêu ca assign longer duration to lớn the stressed -e- of comedian, the unstressed -eof comedy is rendered longer.

At the beginning of the following century, this process reached the smaller towns situated on the routes of comedians.

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The process of the creation of permanent theatres allowed the comedians to lớn perform autos there too.

This narrator is not above playing the oldest trick in the comedian's book, the servant as realism's blundering eclipse of romance.

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