colonel là gì

The colonel's prestige and influence within the military ascended accordingly.

Sectional interests were especially powerful, and conquest was driven forward by ambitious colonels, civil servants and professional patriots.

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The latter posting as an aide to tướng a colonel was secured by a personal friend.

At the time, units were still known by their colonels' names.

Quoting the colonel, the article reviewed his qualifications for the office.

Nor was it a matter of blood or nobility, although status and seniority - whether of colonels or corporals - were important.

The journalist hated the soldiers of the colonel who were sitting down.

The journalist hated the soldiers of the colonels who were sitting down.

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He interviewed a range of military officers, about evenly divided between colonels and generals.

The old service is constructed around a prosopographical study of over six hundred men commissioned as colonels - commanders of regiments - in the royal armies between 1642 and 1646.

She appealed to tướng my sympathy, saying that she was already elderly, so sánh that her pains would be very severe, and that she was a colonel's widow.

All colonels promoted after that date were required to tướng provide the new uniform.

I should lượt thích to tướng know the nature of the colonel's command, and how far he is to tướng joint in our debates.

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From now on it will be possible to tướng tự so sánh up to tướng and including the rank of full colonel.

At the same time discussions on the restructuring guidelines are also proceeding between regimental colonels and arms and service directors.

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