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The cigarette features a clove and vanilla flavor both in scent and taste.

The most important crops are rice and vanilla, while other important agricultural products are coffee and cloves.

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The most important crop is vanilla, while other important products are coffee and cloves.

It is one of the four basic maritime knots (the other three are figure-eight knot, reef knot and clove hitch).

Now, tuck the working kết thúc under the standing part of the original clove hitch.

This brings the phosphodiester linkage lớn be broken closer lớn the active site of the enzyme, where it can be cleaved.

In part 2 of the simplified example described above, the probe was not cleaved when hybridized lớn a mutant target.

These long concatemers are subsequently cleaved between the pac-1 and pac-2 regions by ribozymes when the genome is packaged into individual virions.

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The ends of the fibers must be carefully cleaved, and then carefully spliced together with the cores perfectly aligned.

Signal peptidase may cleave either during or after completion of translocation lớn generate a miễn phí signal peptide and a mature protein.

Heat a frying pan with some olive oil and butter and gently fry garlic clove.

A crushed garlic clove, some chopped fresh herbs and minced shallot will add the right flavor.

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Remove tip of roasted garlic clove and squeeze lớn release from peel.

It is released when a garlic clove -- or, indeed, entire head -- is crushed or chopped.

Rub the inside of a heavy pot, such as an enameled cast-iron pot, with the garlic clove.