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He finally decodes the encoded qubits with a decoding circuit.

An earth leakage circuit breaker includes a specialized latching relay.

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The team would later return to lớn the independent circuit after the league folded in 1927.

In the distributed view of circuits, the elements are distributed along the length of conductors and are inextricably mixed together.

He had many inventions including the circuit breaker and the coin return.

This circuit board contains a radio transmitter, antenna, and a chip.

The computer was a fully assembled circuit board, however, users had to lớn provide their own case, keyboard, power supply and display.

It's not necessarily about whether you've played with a circuit board or if you're not keen on computers.

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And it has a circuit board and a heat sink and a người yêu thích sitting on top of it.

He made them go back and redo the circuit board.

Contamination from salt, moisture, oil, excess solder, or even fingerprints on the surface of the insulator or a printed circuit board can also create problems.

The cuticle of the thread is as hard as the epoxide resin used to lớn manufacture printed circuit boards, but is still highly extensible.

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In addition, many types of equipment are becoming more compact, reducing the amount of space available for printed circuit boards.

The concentration of elements on a printed circuit board.

The device is the size of a credit thẻ and is sold only as a printed circuit board to lớn enable buyers to lớn see the components.