choices là gì

It will be useful lớn have an explicit choice for this.

At each crossing point there is more than vãn one choice.

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This choice makes proofs of our results much simpler.

Let us see now where we shall find ourselves when we understand a collective as a sequence of không tính phí choice.

Next, the parallel choice-points are split between the two agents.

Their choices, we argue, result from an 38.

This example indicates the way the choice occurs as lớn which of the possible ideas is lớn be given up.

Then, a food reward was given after the next correct choice.

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But the evidence of surveys suggests that employees frequently bởi not exercise much choice at all over their health plans.

Each of the three players is now không tính phí lớn believe that the other two players are correlating their strategy choices.

Note also that the players hold correct beliefs about their own choices throughout.

The environment passes control lớn an ordinary text-editor of the user's choice, post-processing the resulting tệp tin.

The precursor lớn having one's integrity protected (embodied by the requirement of one's consent) is the capacity lớn exercise will, make choices, and communicate desires.

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Actual choices are relevant not lớn the idea of the right but rather lớn its direction of exercise with respect lớn the protected domain name.

After 25 unrewarded choices, the training situation was shown and a correct choice of the triangle was rewarded.

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