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There are, of course, other cantonal and municipal institutions as well as private charities that supplement the two primary sources of social security.

In some ways, the payment thẻ resembles a familiar pledge thẻ used by charities or conservation organizations vĩ đại elicit donations.

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As hospitals began vĩ đại take on the air of public institutions as opposed vĩ đại private charities, they gained respectability among the middle classes.

A number of charities were founded around 1700 vĩ đại tư vấn and enlarge the school and finance apprenticeships.

Much information, for example, comes from reports intended for the public that also provided the charities with financial tư vấn.

Throughout the eighteenth century, pensioners' cash stipends were supplemented with assistance in kind received from the overseers, and, vĩ đại a lesser extent, from charities.

Opponents of medical charities bemoaned the negative effect of không lấy phí care on the independence, dignity, and self-sufficiency of the poor.

Less inherently indefensible but still potentially pauperising were the recurrent metropolitan emergency relief charities.

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What women did, chiefly through the religious orders, charities and schooling, although mentioned in several chapters, is the sole subject of only one.

During this time, it built social-service organizations such as hospitals and charities that raised its profile and strengthened its relationship with the masses.

Of course, these charities did contribute towards the makeshift economy, but they were extremely restricted in their value.

The volumes then follow a regular pattern with sections on economic history, local government, religion, education and (of course) charities for the poor.

Other charities, particularly those concerned with cancer, also fund trials, though few provide substantial tư vấn for more applied research or systematic reviews.

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All care was provided by private institutions, charities, and municipal organizations.

However, because of the great gaps in the charity's papers, little day-to-day, or period-to-period, activity is discernible.

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