cash and carry là gì

In particular, the wholesalers are not working on a cash-and-carry basis, which would have them assume coordination risk.

Specifically, wholesalers, working on a cash-and-carry basis, không tính tiền intermediate-goods producers from coordination risk, at least in ví far as the monetary system is stable.

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Do they ever refuse gold, because there remains an intermediate-goods-producer coordination problem, despite wholesalers working on a cash-and-carry basis?

We have a special scheme for the growing number of cash-and-carry wholesalers.

Has there been any great delay in the cash-and-carry scheme through this change of proceeding?

Small mixed businesses are applying successfully for off-licences, and there is this vast trade in cash-and-carry from the supermarkets.

It is, indeed, sad to tát think that this country is being put back on a "cash-and-carry" basis.

At the other kết thúc, there is the retailer offering a limited range of what he hopes are fast-moving goods, probably on a self-service cash-and-carry basis.

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Does he believe that a prospective insured person who goes direct to tát a company and not through an intermediary should get a discount—a cash-and-carry arrangement?

The "cash-and-carry" centres which were opened during the period of emergency will remain open ví long as they are required.

We were originally put on the basis of cash-and-carry, when the war began.

The bikes were bought from garage forecourts, supermarkets and on a cash-and-carry basis through send-away brochures.

I understand that now, to tát gain the benefit of the subsidy, many are going to tát supermarkets and cash-and-carry stores and buying 3 lb.

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This proposal could be particularly damaging for the small businessman who stocks up at the cash-and-carry well in advance and finds himself suddenly breaking the law.

There are other quantities, including wholesale cartons for cash-and-carry sale, discount at discount clubs and warehouses, not simply those in the normal quantities that are available for resale.

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