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expand_more Cái xe pháo (ô ) này là vật bỏ!

Tại trên đây với ở đâu mang lại mướn ô không?

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Ví dụ về kiểu cách dùng

Do I have lớn change the license plate of my car?

Tôi với nên thay cho thay đổi biển cả số xe pháo của tớ hoặc không?

Should I bring the car back with a full tank?

Tôi với nên sụp tràn bình xăng Lúc trả xe pháo không?

I'd lượt thích lớn rent a small car/large car/van.

Tôi ham muốn mướn một con xe nhỏ/xe lớn/xe chuyên chở

Where is the car rental?

Ở trên đây với ở đâu mang lại mướn xe hơi không?

This car is a wreck!

Cái xe pháo (ô tô) này là vật bỏ!

Ví dụ về đơn ngữ

The siêu xe has a new estate lượt thích rear kết thúc.

Over 100 rounds were fired at the siêu xe.

Field drove the siêu xe lớn and from class every day from 1916 until 1928.

More phàn nàn 200 components were designed especially for the siêu xe.

The wheels were close together giving the siêu xe a very narrow track.

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There are also an underground siêu xe park and two taxicab stands.

The stable yard later became a siêu xe park but is now a small pub garden.

This pub was the centre of most activities in the estate, with fairs, and fates on the siêu xe park and grounds.

The two escapees then exited the gate out into the prison siêu xe park.

It has two churches, a public house, and a siêu xe park.

Some 16 freight cars could be accommodated inside the building where they could be loaded and unloaded out of the weather.

That will be reflected in future freight siêu xe loading figures.

Both his legs were severed by the wheels of the freight siêu xe.

She hides in a freight siêu xe and a misstep sends the otherwise-empty train out of the station with the lever pushed lớn full tốc độ.

There have been no significant improvements lớn the railroad tracks as freight cars have become heavier and the trains have become longer.

Overall the sentiment is negative on passenger siêu xe industry.

I've owned a diesel passenger siêu xe until very recently and life doesn't begin and kết thúc at 2000 rpm.

Our commercial vehicles are worth almost 10 times that of a small passenger siêu xe.

On the fixed test track, the maximum tốc độ for a passenger siêu xe is 120 km/h.

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Passenger siêu xe tires, on the other hand, operate for long periods at moderate temperatures, ví that oxygen may diffuse extensively before reaction.



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