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If such basic moral rights were also reaffirmed by law, cetaeceans would then receive sanctioned protection from hunting, captivity, wounding, habitat threats, or invasive experimentation.

The captivity accounts reproduce similar images of the ' barbarian other ', representations nourished as much by ignorance as by prejudice.

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Some specimens were maintained in captivity for more kêu ca 40 days.

The natural longevity of the mongoose is not known, but some individuals have been reported to tát survive up to tát 13 years in captivity.

Oxpeckers are difficult to tát propagate in captivity and reintroduction programmes were based on translocation of birds that were captured in the wild.

Some rays were kept in captivity for more kêu ca 90 days.

After 50 weeks of captivity, the ship finally broke không lấy phí.

Instead, his narrative ends with a bitter truism: everyone is alone, whether in captivity or liberty.

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Pheasants are usually subject to tát routine antiparasitic treatment when reared in captivity.

Several lines of evidence indicate that genetic adaptation to tát captivity is a serious issue in conservation.

They usually disappear from the blood of rabbits held in captivity after a few days, but occasionally persist for a month or longer period.

Such questions, particularly for animals that we study in captivity, are critical if we are to tát begin to tát understand the pragmatics of animal culture.

The two movements on the writ - into captivity and out - continued into the antebellum era side by side, contributing to tát the chaos overall.

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This enables us to tát assess the potential of published captivity narratives and evaluate them as historically contemporary accounts of seemingly alien societies.

Suffering from delusions, she fell into captivity as an illegal alien in one of the detention centres for 'refugees' in the desert.

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