calamity là gì

Such calamities served as a ' flash point ' on the colonial landscape.

Thus, there was a component of ' bad luck ' - a ' natural calamity ' factor.

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Covert activities may be justified in infiltration of illegal groups or to tướng prevent crimes or calamities.

To be brief, copper smelting was an environmental calamity.

Animal activists are at the same time searching for ways to tướng save animals from ecological calamity.

They invoke supernatural agents to tướng khuyến mãi with emotionally eruptive existential anxieties, such as loneliness, calamity, and death.

In these days few are so sánh biassed by buổi tiệc ngọt or sectarian bitterness as to tướng grudge an epitaph to tướng virtue and calamity in times gone by.

No, because haphazard calamities are meant to tướng apply to tướng agents who are already established.

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Contrary to tướng the case of industrial environments, where the environment can be structured and regulated, uncertainty prevails in calamity situations.

For them, one might assume, the perpetrator lost his dignity by his own deeds and is therefore responsible for the calamity that befalls him later.

In response to tướng this calamity, each household contributed several bundles of millet from their own meagrely stocked granaries.

When he acted contrary to tướng virtue, it was believed that heaven reprimanded him with a calamity.

If we had carried out the survey after a drought or another calamity, the responses might have been different.

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Presently she began a relation of her calamities : all her children were dead, and she was left alone upon the earth.

Whether this is a calamity is a different matter, studied below.

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