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It does, however, come equipped with a cab sánh that it can be driven by the farmers themselves.

Also, the operator may retake control of the machine at any time during the automated digging process by manipulating the bucket joy sticks in the operator's cab.

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All pickups chosen were extended cab models.

Several of his ribs had been broken by assailants who took him for a thief when he disturbed a sleeping cab-driver in tìm kiếm of a bed for the night.

They tried vĩ đại eke out a living by engaging in home page industries, setting up small workshops and grocery stores, working as street peddlers, or becoming cab drivers.

At present the ordinary cab without soundproofing is £207.

The representations were carefully considered and all interested organisations were consulted about the proposal vĩ đại defer implementation of the "quiet cab" regulations by nine months.

If you once get into a cab at the airport and tự not accept his price, no other driver there will take you.

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The likelihood is that they would continue vĩ đại operate as full-time drivers with their own xe taxi cabs.

Drivers are at present only tested in relation vĩ đại the types of cab which they actually intend vĩ đại drive.

Taxi-cabs are not on the streets for the benefit of their owners but for the benefit of the public.

In the meantime directions have been given that prisoners shall be conveyed by cab.

Approval sánh far has been given for two designs of two-seated taxi-cabs.

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Certain of the latter were licensed vĩ đại drive either horsed cabs or motor cabs.

A number of issues arising from the report have still vĩ đại be resolved in consultations with those concerned, including the cab trade.

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