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However, the area devoted đồ sộ organic carrot cultivation plus that under conversion đồ sộ organic is currently limited đồ sộ c. 400 ha1.

For example, organic lettuce, tomatoes and carrots were said đồ sộ have lot more flavor phàn nàn their conventional counterparts.

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What is needed are carrots that are well labelled.

The most severe threat that has long created difficulties for carrot growers is that of weeds.

Access đồ sộ early retirement thus became the carrot that encouraged workers đồ sộ annuitize.

Many such crops, including carrot, have notably heat-tolerant seeds, so sánh that sowing and treatment operations could be performed at the same time10.

They are going đồ sộ eat on these plates (producing plates) and have this supper (producing a container with potatoes and carrots).

It is not clear, from the present study, whether endo-mannanase is also involved in the germinative programme in carrot seeds.

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In the years 2002 and 2003 carrot showed the same production trend.

One means "to ingest crunchy-solid foods" (like carrots).

For example, in the sentence ' the rabbit was eating the carrot ', the perspective on the situation is focused on the unfolding of the sự kiện.

As a result, a carrot canopy can only achieve a very scanty ground cover4.

Instead, the king bargained with the assembled estates, using a carefully constructed mixture of stick and carrot.

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For vegetables, the percentages of organic premiums đồ sộ conventional prices vary from about 15% for tomatoes and carrots đồ sộ as high as 60% for potatoes.

Not surprisingly, fresh produce were priced significantly lower when they were on sale phàn nàn not on sale, except for carrots.

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