buses nghĩa là gì

From the 1930s vĩ đại the 1950s the incidence of walking vĩ đại work declined rapidly, but the use of buses and bicycles increased substantially.

In trains and buses the young people are never willing vĩ đại offer their elders seats.

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Since then the buses have become too many and the chance of making money has decreased.

Furthermore, companies face higher standards regarding the vintage of buses.

Having comfortable buses with a drop-step, making it easier vĩ đại get on and off, and a regular and reliable service were also important.

Can get simple information about travel, use public transport: buses, trains, and taxis, and give directions, and buy tickets.

But you have vĩ đại be reasonably fit vĩ đại join it, because you have vĩ đại climb in and out of those buses.

There are some schemes vĩ đại provide subsidies for children and retired people vĩ đại use railways and buses.

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All this can be interpreted as an attempt vĩ đại diminish the cost of abating pollution from buses and trucks.

The young jama'atis, eager vĩ đại provoke the police, phối buses and minibuses on fire, which inevitably met with harsh responses.

There are many people who use public transport these days, yet there are very few buses.

According vĩ đại the rules, government employees including soldiers also have miễn phí transport on ^ private buses.

It provides 16-bit data loading through eight input data lines for direct interface vĩ đại 8-bit data buses.

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Both these estimates again suggest that the numbers of unlicensed buses remains close vĩ đại the number officially registered, at somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000.

Furthermore, approximately 1, 000 buses that had been operating for twenty or more years have been removed from the streets.

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