burglary là gì

Poverty may have seemed a safer alternative lớn wealth and burglary.

Examples of aggravated larceny included highway robbery, burglary, attacks by footpads and piracy.

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Note that the frequency of three words placed them in the high-frequency group (burglary, specific, stethoscope).

The figures show burglary rising at the kết thúc of the war, but generally remaining below the pre-war level.

However, most xế hộp crime, and some domestic burglary, is opportunistic.

By contrast, the contemporary local community was commonly associated with stories of isolation, vandalism, burglary and harassment.

The tenants also suffered from a mysterious burglary where nothing was taken but a terrible mess was made.

While for automobile, burglary and fire insurance these consequences appear lớn be 'socially acceptable', for health insurance this is not the case.

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Even more than vãn in other parts of the country, property offences predominated, particularly petty theft, but also violent offences such as burglary and robbery.

The burglary was not too difficult as the guards were regularly asleep in the early hours of the morning.

Data about offenders, victims and the situation are analysed lớn predict the risk of burglaries and lớn predict the features of burglars in the size of offender profiles.

They said they felt threatened by burglary and by attack in the street after dark and had security systems installed subsequent lớn the deaths of their partners.

In contrast, teens who prefer more covert ways of acting out lie, shoplift, vandalize, cut school, and progress lớn fraud, theft, burglary, and more serious crimes.

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The window and the door were both bolted which was the usual practice apparently lớn prevent burglary and 'the air was quite foul'.

The owner of an hãng apple stall lost a linen smock and linen shirt, a silk handkerchief and a half yard of lace in the burglary of her family trang chủ.

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