bulletin là gì

The late evening bulletin generally starts at 10pm, 10.10pm or 10.30pm and lasts for about đôi mươi minutes.

Main news bulletins were broadcast on the hour and half hour, with headline summaries every fifteen minutes.

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Its first issue was a 200 or ví page bulletin.

Tacking fastens objects to tướng surfaces, such as bulletin boards or walls.

It airs one main newscast at 7:00pm, with supporting bulletins on weekdays at 12.00noon and 10.00pm.

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It was her mum who, without knowing it, pushed her towards politics, shedding tears over a news bulletin about starving children.

It was each and every person that was involved, that had a show, news bulletin, or played songs.

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Under this arrangement, all radio stations must hook to tướng the network bulletin news bulletin at 7am, 4pm and 10pm.

While this information was irrelevant to tướng be a part of the news bulletin, its inclusion only worked to tướng violate truyền thông ethics on multiple fronts.

He asked bủ to tướng read a weather forecast, a news bulletin and a commercial and then ad lib for a few minutes.