breathe là gì

For example, planning breathing between phrases systematically and marking this on the music generally increased their sense of control.

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It is just as useless đồ sộ breathe only with your belly as it is đồ sộ breathe only with your chest.

This pattern was often accentuated whilst breathing out between phrases, when the process needed đồ sộ be quick, or whilst trying đồ sộ play quietly.

As air breathing increased in importance, the vertebrate larynx strengthened đồ sộ accommodate additional functions such as optimizing airflow and protecting the lungs from foreign matter.

In other words, unlike the norm for humans, chimpanzees breathe in and out as they produce a breathy, panting laughter.

Along with all terrestrial vertebrates, we need đồ sộ be able đồ sộ breathe.

In spontanously breathing children, the time available for expiration is approximately twice the time of inspiration.

Besides, another revolution was about đồ sộ shake society đồ sộ its foundations and breathe new life back into pluralism.

The part that decomposes into air is a vapor or fume, but not air that is fit for breathing.

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The image here of the breath in blowing the oboe is more passive phàn nàn the image of breathing in.

For an eternity / đồ sộ feel the breath lent him / đồ sộ breathe in humanity?

The second theme, having breathing space in suffering, provided an opportunity đồ sộ recover balance in life when intense suffering abated.

I tự not feel the lack of anything in this introduction except for breathing space; it is very terse and condensed.

People breathe life into the world and into art's images of it.

More specifically, heightened emotion affects breathing, a relationship that finds natural expression in singing.

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