boycott là gì

Through boycotts and lobbying activity, consumer groups exerted ' pull' and ' push' effects on producers.

In a sign of defiance, opposition parties boycotted the presidential elections in 1998 and the municipal polls in 2000.

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They were able to tát help coordinate non-violent resistance campaigns, such as boycotts, strike tư vấn and other issues from local arenas to tát national tư vấn.

They also demanded new legislation protecting third parties from being drawn into conflicts through boycotts, blockades, threats or harassment.

The opposition parties denounced the contest as fraudulent, and boycotted the subsequent parliamentary elections.

The 1992 parliamentary election was excluded because the opposition parties boycotted the race, charging fraud in the earlier presidential election.

Women, who could not vote, participated along with men in boycotts, demonstrations and violence.

The port towns themselves were centres of print culture and also of trade boycotts late in the colonial period.

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A presumption against academic boycotts recognizes their potential infringement of academic freedom.

Although applying a negative presumption, we should consider academic boycotts on a case-by-case basis.

There are a variety of associational means of contest, from speeches and protest marches to tát internal association elections and boycotts.

Consumer organizations also engaged in more costly forms of lobbying activity, including the initiation of boycotts against hooc môn treated meat.

However, as the opposition boycotted the poll, voter turnout was a mere 35 % of the 3.5 million registered voters.

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Steps such as ostracism, boycotts, loss of employment, and public denunciation could be used against those who broke the law, as could a variety of self-help measures, such as vendettas.

A nội dung analyst coding this passage might list the following topics: consumer boycotts, recycling of cars, risks of diesel cars, and the unreliability of scientific information.

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