bought nghĩa là gì

He considers the commodity bought by the capitalist lớn be the labor-power (and not the "labor"!).

I went lớn the sale, and bought it all.

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I had bought a great many of his bills at a discount.

Large estates permanently confiscated from great delinquents and fractions of estates taken from lesser offenders could be bought by parliament's supporters.

However, these studies did not clearly distinguish between food prepared at home page and food bought out.

In this paper we present an attempt lớn evaluate the force of infection in animals born or bought into such groups.

My parents' house is worth seven times what it was when they bought it because they haven't moved in 25 years.

All the cases reported eating coca de crema bought in the same bakery.

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The household was the foremost destination for the consumer goods which were being bought at an increasing rate.

Thereafter, drugs are usually bought by regular customers at the premises of dealers that may be different from their domestic addresses.

Sixteen of the participants were homeowners (including several who had bought their houses from the council under the 'right lớn buy' scheme).

Currently, this lack is often compensated by using bought-in feedstuffs, which are high in essential amino acids.

Major results of these efforts are that speech recognisers and synthesisers can now be bought as off-the-shelf software.

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He bought a large new house, where he would receive and enter tain increasing numbers of disciples, students, and fellow men of letters.

As a result, those who have since bought or inherited what was originally ' stolen ' land have no moral entitlement lớn it, legal titles notwithstanding.

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