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He discovers a bottle of steroids, and a creepy shrine of his personal belongings that she has been secretly stashing.

Butane is also used as lighter fuel for a common lighter or butane torch and is sold bottled as a fuel for cooking and camping.

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The bottle was examined for fingerprints and was found to lớn have several sets on it.

You never know if you're going to lớn get hit with a bottle or a bra.

Debris including plastic bottles and containers create a potentially harmful environment to lớn its flora and fauna.

Failing to lớn act at this juncture would result in all of us paying a heavy price for even a bottleful of water, and electricity.

I pour the water over my head by the bottleful and laugh as it runs down my skin.

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The birds are fed with homemade energy boosters lượt thích a mixture of seeds of bottle-gourd and mulethi.

Instead, she said some women bottle up their emotions, which ultimately leads to lớn frustration, while their partners believe everything is perfectly all right.

For people who can not make the pilgrimage, those at the lake will bottle up the water and return it to lớn their friends and families.

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Normally he'd bottle up his irritation and uncork it at some gathering in a sanctimonious, socially inappropriate way, but today he was feeling reckless.

Stopping these projects would bottle up a globally significant proportion of the fossil fuels that must remain in the ground to lớn avoid catastrophic climate disruption.

After all, why bottle up such effervescent talent in your attacking midfield?