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The following is the author's position on the subject, admittedly biased by a structural engineering background.

It should be noted, however, that a biased picture may have been produced by the selection of household tasks included in the survey.

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The fluid particles avoid moving near the fixed wall nó = 0, so sánh that as they emerge from the origin they are biased towards the vertical.

The standard methods are therefore biased, but the magnitude of this bias is unclear.

To assess the calibration it was important to tướng use statistical models that were not biased by the high frequency of zero counts in the data.

Biased attention to tướng signals of threat or danger are thought to tướng create cognitive distortions through a process of overactivation.

The second reason is again the limited number of polymorphic loci employed in the analyses, possibly leading to tướng biased estimates.

Standard deviations on the other hand will be positively biased.

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However, the subjects studied lived in a residential trang chủ and many were ex-smokers, so sánh underlying age-related pathology may have biased the findings.

Our simulations showed that selection against large size (associated with biased mutation) similarly decreased within-population variability in both panmictic and clonal populations.

Since, in addition, directly assessed numbers tend to tướng be biased, various indirect elicitation methods have been developed.

The defence attacks the second witness claim by pointing out the corroborative evidence that the witness is biased (17).

The species responding to tướng baits represent a relatively small sample of the meliponine guild, and may be biased to tướng include foraging generalists, rather than vãn specialists.

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This selection must be biased by both discrete immediate goals such as quenching thirst, and by general requirements such as self-preservation.

In lemons, the relative mean proportions were not as stable through time even though the overall trend was also male biased.

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