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The propagules inside the traps were collected during biweekly visits over the experimental period.

Private weekly and biweekly papers are mostly politically aligned, with little economic or actual news reportage.

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We observed the trees biweekly, from the beginning of flowering to tướng the over of fruiting in 1993.

In treatment classrooms where this additional teacher consultation was conducted, the biweekly observation and consultation served as a means of reinforcing the central theoretical premises.

Visits can occur monthly, biweekly, or weekly and can vary in their duration.

Depending on the season, sampling started 28 or 35 days after planting and was continued at biweekly intervals until maturity of maize ears.

The sessions are usually weekly in the beginning and biweekly in the second year.

This psychotherapy consisted of 12 weekly sessions followed by seven biweekly sessions.

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Families in the single-family format were more adherent with biweekly sessions, possibly because treatment included the patients and was held in the families' homes.

During the first year these were observed biweekly for fertility, and all new leaves were tagged, counted and measured until they reached their maximum length.

Then, families attended biweekly family sessions over the next 6 -12 months, which focused on the patient's reintegration into social and familial roles.

In the preventative phase, patients who remained clinically remitted were seen biweekly for the first 3 months and then monthly for an additional 21 months.

Biweekly benomyl applications to tướng plots receiving fungicide resumed immediately after tillage.

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Thick Black line shows accumulated number in every census and grey thick line shows seasonal change in the number of biweekly events.

Group meetings were held weekly during grade 1 for 22 sessions, biweekly during grade 2 for 14 sessions, and monthly during grades 3 and 4 for 9 sessions each year.

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