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I have never seen ví contemptible and irresponsible a situation.

The governor also found opposition to tát his government, or dispute within it to tát be contemptible, and frequently threatened to tát resign if such discord was not discontinued.

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The senator's uninformed views are, in a word, contemptible.

The nội dung of this game is contemptible.

The result was a society founded on a continuous yet contemptible melodrama.

Some of the arrangements were very good indeed and some execrable.

It is beyond u how some people always want to tát decide what is good for us in the most execrable way.

Its attempt to tát twist the facts is execrable, for it alone is responsible for sowing division and hatred based on ethnicity.

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The adaptation has been called execrable and confusing for those not already familiar with the plot.

The moment was exquisite; the music execrable.

He glances back at it contemptuous, angry....

It's a great deflection from his contemptuous summer and more importantly it highlights that the man himself does not respect authority, discipline and structure.

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Other sources add to tát that: mean, contemptuous, and uncommunicative.

He appears to tát be almost contemptuous of the threats, and as such is often seen to tát be a symbol of courage.

His home page, assigned as a mild punishment, is a dilapidats at the woman's home page, he displays his anger by acting contemptuous of his surrounding.