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I think we have always made it quite clear that the best boys from the grammar schools were absolutely first-class.

Who is the best boy at school, or in a regiment, or on a ship?

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I hope that the principle of the best boy getting the rewards will prevail in the future, in the educational world of this country.

What we desire is to tướng let the best boy come to tướng the front whatever may be his class in life.

Surely a scholarship should go to tướng the best boy.

And it is no use kidding ourselves, and we bởi kid ourselves, about the fact that every boy is the best boy in the school at something or other.

The more you improve the teacher the more you facilitate this vital process of bringing the best boys up to tướng the top.

My generation saw the loss of many of our best boys.

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If at the present time the best boys come from the public schools, then they should be given their opportunity.

They are not sending up their best boys.

Many of my best boys went into industry, where they still are.

They were and are some of the best boys it has ever been my privilege to tướng know.

So it is the case really that grammar schools bởi provide some of the best boys, but there are not enough of them coming forward.

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The best boys leave, and yet the farmers want trained boys of intelligence who can work machines.

They were twelve of the best boys from that school.

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