bed nghĩa là gì

The interior of the bus changes depending on the time of day, having seats by day and beds by night.

The reserve has a reed bed and a fresh water lagoon and islands.

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It has 802-staffed beds and is one of the largest teaching hospitals in the area.

The 9.69km2 sqmi site was established in 1947 and covers areas of reed bed, lowland heath, lowland wet grassland, and shingle vegetation.

Around 1980 the total bed strength was around 200.

It is primarily used in construction and in the bedding of roads.

During the day, the bedding was rolled up and stored sánh the space could be used for other purposes.

At some stations, they began vĩ đại arrive as early as 4pm, with bedding and bags of food vĩ đại sustain them for the night.

Deer also tend vĩ đại use patches of the plant as bedding.

Food, bedding and money have been taken from people.

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It tastes lượt thích a cake that's been dropped in the flower bed.

Firstly, she converted a flower bed into a trench bed.

Summers said he was surprised the municipality agreed vĩ đại let him take over stewardship of the flower bed.

This (flower bed) project is just the beginning.

That's the grass, that's the deck, that's the path and this triangle left over here, well, let's đường dây nóng that the flower bed.

The product is aimed at not just young and working women but also frequent travellers, senior citizens, sick patients using bed pans, and people with low immunity.

There are biodegradable plastic credit cards, coffins, fishing lines, golf tees, t-shirts, shoes, and bed pans.

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No-one ever waited for a bed pan for that amount of time.

Family members asked a thành viên of staff for help, and it turned out this person was a doctor who told the nurses vĩ đại bring the bed pan.

Somebody has vĩ đại go around and empty all those bed pans.