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The tower is located right next đồ sộ the beach.

They are water-worn, thrown up into the beach and a very nice shape.

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The beach is approximately 400 feet wide and 2.1 miles long.

Yet much of this beach has also been destroyed.

Today large houses are being built on the absolute beach frontages which are highly sought after.

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The resort has 548 junior suites phối in low-rise buildings along a spectacular white sand beach.

Imagine just the two of you in a gorgeous white sand beach with crystal clear water.

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In the beginning, volunteers protected sea-turtle nesting sites along a stretch of Black sand beach in front of the resort cottages.

The long golden sand beach here seems untouched by man, save for a bamboo walkway running up đồ sộ the island's lone resort.

Another project, "dear đồ sộ my heart" is reclaiming the sand beach.