ballet là gì

Examples are a chamber music composition with the addition of dancers, or a full-scale ballet performed using a smaller ensemble.

She spent a total of eleven years studying ballet and flamenco nhảy đầm.

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This extended to lớn the fine arts including the theater, opera and ballet.

Prima performs a delightful ballet routine which impresses all the guests.

The award is given to lớn productions in all genres of theatre art: drama, opera, ballet, operetta and musical, and puppet theatre.

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Sometimes it is difficult to lớn qualify these works as pure operas but rather opera-ballets, opera-cantatas, or music theatre.

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This period was a golden age for operas, being popular in the country the opra bouffon, the opera-ballet and the opra comique genres.

In 1837, it was transformed into an opera-ballet, but this did not hold the stage.

In some respects this is a return to lớn opera-ballet, since the story is mostly told in words.