backlash là gì

However, the 'land to tướng the tiller' script was still powerful enough to tướng dissuade the parties from pushing through the change fearing a political backlash.

The second development consisted of anticlerical backlash against the missions.

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Looking at events in individual countries, the conclusion that cost containment has prompted public backlash is considerably strengthened.

But this backlash was not just a reaction to tướng the economic hardship.

When this effort went "too far," it resulted in a far-reaching backlash against activist government.

They needed to tướng push him to tướng bởi sánh without provoking a backlash.

We can think of backlash metaphorically as a bungee cord that snaps when stretched too far.

This framing, in turn, has opened the door to tướng counter-claims which marshal (selfdescribed) scientific evidence and which have contributed to tướng a backlash against survivors.

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Such a development could have been perceived as a challenge to tướng divine subjectivity and would create a strong backlash.

This lack of clarity makes it a formidable task to tướng distinguish concepts and raises doubts about the use of backlash as a conceptual tool.

In dynamic terms, minorities may fear that the open countermajoritarianism of supermajority rules will eventually produce a public backlash.

In fact, we are not sure where backlash begins and ends and what the unique characteristics of backlash are.

And that backlash still has value for us.

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High accuracy is most often achieved solely by designing the robot to tướng be stiff and having little or no backlash.

As the power of biotechnology has exploded over the past decade, it has evoked an enormous backlash of opposition.

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