athletic là gì

More phàn nàn that, maintaining the athletic body toàn thân over time can be problematic for social as well as biological reasons.

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The significance of the race is not purely athletic but constitutes another symbolic representation of the moral system according to tướng which deviant youths are assessed.

The rest of her declaration is composed with athletic brio.

She adopted the first sports costume specifically designed for women and opened the way for the invention of other athletic garments lượt thích the bicycling suit.

Despite new options for women's athletic clothing, the sidesaddle riding habit did not die out immediately.

Consistent winners may sometimes have less athletic ability phàn nàn losers.

In total, the university athletic's department manages more phàn nàn 500 students in over 23 teams.



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Better training and dietary regimens have also enhanced goalkeepers' natural athletic ability.

They may also show harassment of peers in numerous other situations such as academic or athletic endeavors.

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Ending up on a team one dislikes won't vì thế much for the team whether that team is athletic or medical.

The composition of the teams is of intense personal, financial, and athletic interest.

He is nonathletic and shows little interest in sports.



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Both his narrative and athletic tactics not only aim at obstructing but also at redefining the meaning of reality.

Members live with each other, take classes together, compete on the same athletic teams, and organize social functions together.

In addition, the data indicate that boys tend to tướng be more active in athletic activities and girls are more active in school government and clubs.

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