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In any culture there are people who are assertive, submissive, friendly, unfriendly, vibrant, mellow, and so sánh on.

Thus, in the song's opening gestures, sound ruptures spacious silence and silence engulfs assertive sound; neither sound nor silence gains a firm perceptual foothold.

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It is clear, however, that the more determined and assertive students were able to lớn overcome such obstacles by asking and negotiating.

An assertive president is likely to lớn have his formal powers curtailed if she were ever to lớn try to lớn use them.

More able students were more assertive and confident and often used the teachers' suggestions as a starting point for their own changes.

The candy stripes gave way to lớn brown brickwork and the assertive winglike roof became an excessively modest double mansard with curious illuminated metal ribs attached.

Here the conditional clause may be regarded as assertive.

A more serious concern is the seemingly subjective assertive arguments that simply are not substantiated.

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I think there is a case for an assertive and coherent presentation of a psychosocial trương mục of schizophrenia.

The writing is often assertive in style, demanding that women be given respect.

This work does much to lớn redress that picture and reveals a far more assertive and dynamic ruler.

It also has the dimensions and structure of a symphony; with an assertive opening, slow movement, scherzo, and a summational and revelatory finale.

Only one person considered conclusions to lớn be insufficiently assertive.

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During their courtships, women were more defensive, men more assertive, so sánh that gender is placed, again, at the core of her analysis.

One should be careful not to lớn make too assertive generalizations with regard to lớn banditry.

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