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The emphasis of and articulated reason for the competitions is the lyrical nội dung and vocal artistry of competitors.

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Artistry, then, is not a matter of a particular interpretation, reading or instantiation of a score; it is the creative act itself.

It is his belief that the ambiguity is intentional, an aspect of poetic artistry.

This paper describes how new insight into community nursing know-how or professional artistry was produced through qualitative analysis of 30 transcripts of audiorecorded simulation data.

We are entering the trang chính, the woman's world (and perhaps, given the themes of artistry and creativity, the salon).

His presentation lacks artistry and, given the author's laudable determination to tát extract every ounce of meaning from the surviving material, becomes repetitious.

Manipulating the rules of formal construction while also maintaining them is an aspect of individual artistry.

This approach proved effective, revealing previously unknown elements of the procedural knowledge or artistry inherent in expert assessment.

Once caught, these slices of life are tranposed to tát the pages of the journal, where their artistry and cultural significance are glossed.

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Here again there is a continuum between artistry and technique.

The analysis below will allow us to tát scrutinize the artistry of this previously unrecognized poet over an extensive sequence of lines.

Responsible teaching is that which develops purposeful artistry in die handling of the medium.

He who shows artistry and wisdom will conquer my heart.

This process does not and cannot guarantee universal agreement, but when imaginatively pursued with "moral artistry," bioethics is narrative consensus.

And what are we trying to tát communicate to tát our audiences, artistry and aesthetics or techniques and programming skills?

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