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The workers' pay was kept months in arrears, until they refused đồ sộ work, while the daily returns recorded more workers kêu ca were employed.

However, rent direct reduced landlords' rent collection costs and minimised the possibility of rent arrears.

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Policy makers knew that large increases in the minimum wage or pension would undermine their attempts đồ sộ clear arrears before the election.

During the 1995 chiến dịch, the goals of increasing wages and pensions conflicted more noticeably with that of decreasing arrears.

Families drew on various sorts of credit - they fell into arrears of rent, they borrowed from shops, dealers, and neighbours.

Their contribution rates are already 30 % of payroll, fully spent and many enterprises are in arrears.

Moreover, legal actions were instituted and property and buildings were seized from non-payers in an attempt đồ sộ recover some of the payment arrears.

However, when hard times hit in the middle of the 1620s he began đồ sộ fall into arrears on his rents.

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The government then recoups the payment from the non-resident parent and bears the burden of missed payments and arrears.

Other sources of income, mainly assessment and excise taxes, proved insufficient đồ sộ pay parliament's soldiers regularly and wages fell steadily in arrears throughout the conflict.

The arrears were paid in the size of extra forced labour.

Since many enterprises are in arrears, the effective tư vấn ratio is lower, closer đồ sộ 2n5 workers for every pensioner.

The compilers attempted đồ sộ tài khoản for every possible item of income and expenditure, including redemption payment and tax arrears.

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The collection of scarcely any of the đô thị fifteenths of these years passes without reference đồ sộ the collection of arrears.

Figures were not available for pension arrears, but some news reports suggest that this was a priority for the president and government during this period.

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