around nghĩa là gì

It has 12,000 students and around 900 employees, of which 67 are professors.

Can't get my head around it, she sang trọng.

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Trees over trăng tròn centimet dbh grow at a rate of around 0.5 centimet per year, as measured by how their dbh increases.

The community's population is estimated to tướng be around 300 people.

The population is further expected to tướng grow to tướng over 8,000 by around 2021.

For the game, the camera would go around the audience looking for couples.

Upon realizing the mistake, the controller ordered the flight to tướng go around and the other aircraft to tướng abort its takeoff, which it did.

Skin striae go around plantar warts; if the lesion is not a plantar wart, the striations continue across the top layer of the skin.

Inscriptions which go around the edge of the coin generally have started at the center of the top edge and proceeded in a clockwise direction.

The aircraft encountered heavy rain on short final, and attempted a go around.

Practically, the train operator and the conductor can be seen groping around in the mist, unsure of the way forward.

He groped around in his memory.

It is ridden with internal conflicts, it is groping around for structure, and it is suspicious of authority.

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If you tự manage to tướng grab a several-ton hippo before it disappears underwater, you have to tướng put it to tướng sleep and go groping around.

The longer one gropes around for organic debris which is drawn down to tướng the mollusc through this siphon while water is expelled through the other.

In an interview later he said that to tướng huyệt around and defend was going to tướng be a waste of time...

This is a story about two guys who act as mock witnesses and always huyệt around court to tướng give evidence as per the requirement of the case every time.

The young women don multicolored clothing and decorative beads that dangle from their heads and huyệt around their necks.

The thing to tướng remember is that defaults and late repayments huyệt around on your tệp tin and become part of your history.

They have nothing better to tướng tự kêu ca huyệt around together boozing and teasing pretty girls.

The difference is that a tile used as a sprite can move around, whereas a tile used as a background can not.

The first stage is known as a crawler and can move around while the other stages are sedentary.

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As the electrons move around energy levels, some energy is released as an electromagnetic wave at the same frequency but with a phase delay.

Both giant petrels have strong legs and can move around on land effectively.

His inner circle would help him move around through several isolated ranches in the mountainous area and avoid capture.