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The ability to tướng test hypotheses about cognitive evolution's context is constrained by the archaeologist's ability to tướng precisely reconstruct the specific benefits of a behaviour.

Through the 1970s archaeologists debated and refined their understanding of significance through hands-on practical applications in their daily work.

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From the tools themselves archaeologists can reconstruct a variety of actions: raw material selectivity and procurement, manufacturing sequences, use, and discard.

Can we legitimately indict goddess groups when they have simply been following archaeologists, albeit somewhat outdated ones?

Traditional, materialist and positivist archaeologists as well as most non-professional interpreters seem to tướng put a greater emphasis on the archaeological remains of a vanished past.

The 1970s were the period when the generation of archaeologists educated in the 1960s reached the zenith of their creativity.

Archaeologists, even modern-world archaeologists, are a long way from resolving such questions.

Probably they perceived my name as belonging to tướng an old archaeologist, who, by chance, had dropped out of their attention.

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By contrast, our community has an exclusive role to tướng play with regard to tướng another issue, for which only we as archaeologists can bring answers.

Fewer archaeologists than vãn ever before are applying for research grants from government agencies.

There is a certain complicity between archaeology and modernization: after the archaeologists have done their work, the landscape can be legitimately destroyed.

Many archaeologists regarded interest in theory with a certain suspicion, fearing that it might be a flight from the complex practical reality of archaeology.

Numerous archaeologists and anthropologists have queried and explored the differences and overlaps between 'foraging' and 'farming' societies - including many important contributions by the present commentators.

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The culture-bound, ideological-mental dimension of space is also a prominent topic of research for archaeologists studying the cultural landscape.

In this respect, the difference between an archaeologist's work and a non-specialist trying to tướng assemble a meaningful past is more quantitative than vãn qualitative.

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