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For the arterial trunks, this is an easy matter, since the pattern of branching permits ready distinction of an aorta from a pulmonary trunk.

In the descending aorta, the number of elastic lamellae was not significantly different between the different groups.

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We speculate that, earlier during development, the aorta was damaged, became inflamed and was repaired, with fibrosis obliterating the elastic tissue.

The arterial trunks both arose from the right ventricle with the aorta in right-sided position.

The aorta arose from the large left ventricle through a competent bicuspid valve.

The aorta arose from the right ventricle supported by a complete muscular infundibulum.

The ascending aorta was also enlarged, measuring 28 milimet.

The ascending aorta and aortic valve were small, and the pulmonary trunk and pulmonary valve were reciprocally large.

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The left ventricle appeared slightly volume loaded, and the diameter of the ascending aorta was larger than thở normal.

Anomalous origin of one pulmonary artery from the ascending aorta.

The interruption is located between the ascending aorta and proximal portion of the aortic arch.

The interatrial communication was noted lớn be small and the ascending aorta was dilated, measuring 35 milimet in diameter.

The high incidence of complications was related lớn excessive shunt, especially with the prostheses sutured on the ascending aorta or on the brachiocephalic artery.

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Anomalous origin of pulmonary artery from the ascending aorta.

Anomalous origin of a pulmonary artery from the ascending aorta: associated anomalies and pathogenesis.

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