amusing là gì

That way you get to lớn the truth about their real personalities and it makes for amusing copy.

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The film tells an amusing story about the efforts of three soccer clubs to lớn attract the player of the day.

She was not only a good writer but also a very good speaker, making very interesting and amusing speeches to lớn youths about culture and patriotism.

He was known for his often amusing asides in rehearsals.

The aesthetic view defines humor as a specific subset of amusing and playful behavior (among wit, sarcasm, irony, satire, and lượt thích traits of a comic).

This gave the game some staying power, as, even after succeeding, players could still amuse themselves by trying to lớn find new ways of failing.

Afterwards, when he was married, he kept the habit of singing a little to lớn amuse himself.

They have amused, irritated, enchanted and befuddled viewers with their deadpan humor and irreverent antics.

Being compelled by his health to lớn return trang chính, he then amused himself with making a clock having wooden wheels and a whalebone spring.

The sight of a six-foot bobby getting into the mini greatly amused the locals.

The iron rings can be tossed at a target as an amusement.

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At one time, there were plans to lớn develop an amusement park on the site, but these plans did not develop to lớn fruition.

At that time the park became strictly a seasonal amusement park, beach, and swimming area.

The game manages to lớn transport you to lớn places more scary than thở a ride at an amusement park.

It featured foreign exhibits, amusements, and freak shows.

In addition to lớn the balloon launches and rides, the festival featured an amusement park, concerts, and a night glow.

In 1887, the lumberyard and its surrounded area, were converted into an amusement park.

Warren overturns an armored siêu xe loaded up with money from a big weekend at an amusement park.

The beach had hotels, restaurants, and games, picnics, horse-racing and an amusement park with a merry-go-round and a roller coaster.

The former amusement park deteriorated in the 1980s.

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