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Here, however, he might have been more cautious in distinguishing between what happened and how alumni or chroniclers remembered the episodes.

These three alumni each had a professional identity - that of classical performer - that held constant throughout the first six years of their careers.

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Four alumni of an elementary school are having a reunion in a coffee cửa hàng.

Both the alumni and the students had no hesitation giving instant answers for their pronunciation of grass.

In the results section that follows, some comparisons are made with this reference g roup of 366 alumni.

However, the stories told by some alumni were markedly more complex.

Senators retained ties to tát elite membership groups, including professional and business associations and college alumni clubs.

A second alumnus has also thought of himself as a classical performer, but his passage has been more troubled.

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Telephone interviews proved to tát be a successful means of collecting data from these alumni.

In addition, there were alumni whose careers could not be represented - in a way that would lead them to tát recognise themselves - using only the two dimensions of time and identity.

The camaraderie subsisting among public school alumni, which was notoriously crucial to tát the career trajectory of middle-class men, rested on an acknowledgement of their common juvenile experience.

University administrators have had to tát establish committees to tát investigate student complaints while wealthy alumni have threatened to tát withhold financial contributions as a pressure tactic.

I am very happy to tát offer myself as that hostage on this occasion, as a graduate and alumnus.

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One of the great assets of many schools in the private sector is their alumni.

Twenty years ago, that university received few alumni donations and had few residences—most students commuted.

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