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The following chapters offer an analysis of the future of fossil fuels, and alternative energy sources.

However, alternative energy sectors (electricity and hydraulic), plus the textile sector are the 'winning' sectors here.

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This showed that the social trade-off involved in this project crucially depends on the social cost of the alternative energy.

The bulk of the changing pattern of oil imports has been due đồ sộ increased dependence on alternative energy imports.

Positive developments were also noted with regard đồ sộ the use of alternative energy systems, such as wind and solar, that help reduce fuel consumption.

These show alternative energy production methods, and the value of gaseous emissions being re-assimilated đồ sộ create further energy sources.

In examining alternative energy sources, the book raises complex issues, including possible conflict between land use for energy rather than vãn food production.

Local officials are calling for a major reforestation programme, and the use of alternative energy sources, but the lack of human and financial resources make this unlikely at present.

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It was found that the total cost (including the environmental cost) of alternative energy (in this case, thermal power) has a strong bearing on social acceptability of the project.

These molecules are then transported through the blood đồ sộ other tissues, such as brain and heart, where they are used as an alternative energy source đồ sộ glucose.

Chapter 8 considers the problem of investment in a backstop technology that can substitute for natural resource use, an example of such a technology being alternative energy.

I would have some dispute with you with regard đồ sộ thermo-nuclear fusion being an alternative energy source, because it already exists.

Consequently, research and development in the field of alternative energy sources is conducted and funded within the framework of the framework programme.

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However, the issue of investment in new energy technologies and in sciences relating đồ sộ alternative energy sources has also been mentioned.

What is probably also required, in spite of new technology and alternative energy sources, is less use of transport and lower energy consumption overall.

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