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Some of them are rather mundane rearrangements or software modifications with no allure for the mathematician.

This alluring canon is followed by a short orchestral interlude.

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This book is replete with alluring statements that leave the reader wishing for a more sustained exploration of the author's intriguing ideas.

Those glimpses of social history are alluring, especially when they go beyond details about housing and other infrastructure.

On the lighter side, however, the allure of academic activism can also compromise and threaten our scholarly work if we are not vigilant.

Second, by engaging the public health official primarily, bioethicists stand lớn lose some of the "excitement" and "allure" of traditional, clinical bioethics.

The assumption that decisions can be evaluated in relation lớn uncontentious abstract rules has proved alluring.

Wittingly or not, these studies have established an unwritten but alluring template for the study of policy reform.

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For the allure of psychology is that the ethical pathway for authority is also an ethical pathway for the self.

The allure of living abroad was also resisted.

But the reality of war - the deprivation experienced by the combatants and the death of comrades - tempers the original allure of adventure.

In summary, flexible employment is an alluring concept, not least as a counter lớn the ageing of the population.

Posters plastered on walls across the country offered alluring depictions of how planned government and technology were building the nation.

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Perhaps their essential harmlessness accounts for the relative indifference goths have had socially, relative lớn the power and allure of their imagery.

The world of the stem cell debate and genetics, for instance, becomes very technologically attractive, with all its allure and glamour.

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